led business signsTry and think back to the last time you were outside just minding your business and a bright flash of color caught your eye. Of course, you had to look, and you saw one of the many advertisements Americans see daily in its full LED color glory. If you are a business owner, these led business signs have the ability to help boost sales by catching the attention of new customers leading them right into your store! Here are some reasons full color LED signs are helpful for your business.

A Big Fish in a Big Pond

These electric business signs help you to stand out! A whopping 85% of a business’s customers live or work within a five-mile radius of its location, so asserting your presence is vital for visibility! With all of the members of your neighborhood going about their daily business, display what you have to offer and make them know you exist! About 68% of consumers believe a business’ signage reflects the quality of its products or services, so first time consumers will be drawn in with a unique outdoor led display and greeted by your quality products! Don’t be undermined and threatened from the big box stores — electric signs will provide a memorable experience for your customers.

Get Creative

Do not shy away from simple advertisements! No matter your organization — be it a school, church, small business, or municipality — having fun really packs a punch. More than one-third of consumers report looking at an outdoor ad each time they pass one, and eight out of 10 consumers entered a store they had never visited before simply because of their LED business signs. Even better, 67% of consumers note they purchased a product or service because a sign caught their eye, and three out of every four consumers tell others about a business simply based on their signage! This is the easiest thing you can do for your business to bring customers through your door!

A Beneficial Venture

Installing commercial business signs will provide a worthwhile financial investment into your business. The value of one outdoor LED sign brings a cheaper advertising option than traditional print ads. One sign gets the same job done as 24 full newspaper ads annually.

LED business signs are powerful tools for marketing, promoting, and growing your business. Design yours today!