outdoor led display

We’re all familiar with the concept of billboards and outdoor advertisements. Society enjoys the consumption of media. One of the most popular and effective ways to communicate is and always has been via sign. Got something to say? Stick it on a sign, post it on a wall or high in the air, and people will see it. Studies show that around 71% of people read the messages they see on the roadside. These include both the ultra visible digital displays as well as old-fashioned billboards.

Not only do we like to look at signs, but we trust their content, too. We’re both drawn to and intrigued by a good sign. Studies show that around 30% of people have shopped at a store because of the sign kept out front. That’s almost a third of all shoppers — so there’s no denying the efficacy of good signage.

While some might deny advertising’s efficacy, the numbers are in. It works on us, and it works very well. About 71% of those surveyed reported reading the messages on roadside billboards when they pass them. This statistic includes both traditional and digital signage. To hammer the point home even further, consider this neat statistic — 35% of people surveyed report that they wouldn’t have discovered a business if it weren’t for their attention being grabbed by a sign.

Some even report (76% of consumers) that they shop at a certain store simply because they enjoy the company’s sign and designs. It’s hard to argue with the data — people love these things, whether we know it or not.

Most advertising signage used to exist solely in the form of a massive billboard. Now, municipal signs, church marquees, school marquees, commercial business signs, and other signs for government use can all be found in the form of an outdoor LED display. These outdoor LED displays are all over the place now, and are even more effective at grabbing people’s attention. Got a message you want heard? Why not go digital?