Signs play an extremely important role when it comes to attracting people. Up to 35% of people have stated they would not have found a business if it hadn’t been for their sign. The same goes for churches. Signs are inviting, friendly, and can express care. Today’s church, no matter the size, needs a church marquee in order to keep up with their community.

Are Church Signs Really Important?

Church signs play a very significant role in the life of a church. Without a church marquee, people would find it difficult to locate your church and be able to easily find out when services are scheduled. A traditional marquee gives you a better way to tell the public when you offer services, classes, and to announce special occasions and opportunities.

What’s Wrong with Traditional Marquees?

A traditional marquee has limited space. It also requires a lot of work filtering through letters to find all of the letters needed for a message. Then you have to try to fit an entire message into just a few channels without enough space. It’s frustrating, to say the least. There is an answer to this dilemma that is efficient and cost-effective.

Choose Electronic Church Signs

Electronic church signs are instrumental in growing and maintaining a strong congregation. LED signs for churches offer a plethora of benefits. They are just easier to manage than a traditional church sign too.

Why Switch to an LED Church Marquee?

Digital signage is one of the newest innovations for outdoor signs. Using a digital marquee sign allows you to display information in full color on a screen that is brighter than a plain marquee. The visibility of your sign is increased instantly.

A digital church marquee also gives you the advantage of utilizing multiple signs at once. Digital displays can be created and cycled to provide information for service times, church events, as well as words of thought. The beauty of full color LED signs is that you don’t have to go outside and fuss with sliding letters in channels. If you need to update information the task is easy and quick. You won’t have to battle the weather, either.

An LED Church Marquee Saves Money

One of the biggest benefits of switching from traditional signs to LED marquee signs is the savings where total maintenance is concerned. Yes, there is an initial investment in LED signage. However, the residual cost for maintaining and powering new LED signs far outweighs the increasing cost of keeping up traditional signage.

Light bulbs go out and need to be changed, channel letters are lost or the old plastic breaks and new banners have to be created for events and temporary signs. The costs just keep on mounting up. Churches with smaller budgets will benefit from the cost savings of using outdoor electronic signs for churches.

Widen Your Reach

There are literally hundreds of graphics, colors, and display options when it comes to an LED church marquee. Messages can be customized to grab the attention of people passing by. Create beautiful messages for upcoming events, service times, inspirational verses, fundraisers, or welcome new members. Get as creative as you want or keep it as simple as you desire. It’s all possible using LED signage.

Vividly Spread Information to Bring People Together

Digital LED displays do a great job broadcasting messages in a vivid manner that brings people together. They are a cost-effective way for churches to spread information in an attractive manner. Get your message across easily with LED marquee signs for churches.

LED Church Signs Work 24/7

The ultimate outreach tool is an LED church sign. Your message will be seen 24/7 by everyone who passes by. Choose from a variety of church signs for the outdoors. They range from LED signs to changeable copy message signs available from top sign companies. Contact them to find the perfect electronic sign for your church.