Since most customers live or work within five miles of the businesses where they shop, having good signage is important. LED signs for businesses are an excellent option because they are cost-effective and energy efficient. 

According to “Top 8 Things You Didn’t Know About LEDs,” these bulbs are six to seven times more efficient than incandescent bulbs. Furthermore, they are known to reduce energy usage over 80% and have a lifespan of over three years.

In general, outdoor LED signs are in operation for 24 hours a day and 365 days out of the year. Given that their message is displayed around the clock, it’s important to know that digital LED business signs are a reliable choice.

LED signs are also an excellent option for church marquee signs. In addition to scrolling message boards that announce hours of operation and services, church marquee signs can also provide information on upcoming and special events.

When considering the benefits of having LED signage installed to promote businesses, churches, and their events, price may be a concern. It’s important to note that having an on-site sign is the equivalent of running two full-page newspaper ads every month. Given this, an on-site sign is a cost-effective form of advertising.

A recent survey showed that 37% of the participants stated they do look at outdoor ads when they pass them. When these ads also have a phone number and/or website address, 26% of the participants stated they wrote down phone numbers and 28% of the participants stated they wrote down website addresses.

Some people, however, may become desensitized to outdoor advertising when they see the same sign over and over again. Recent studies have shown that when a business adds or changes their sign, it can increase traffic and revenue.

Since every business and church is unique, so, too, is its signage needs. When you decide to have an LED sign installed, it’s important to provide information on your criteria and objectives so that we can assist you with finding the right sign to meet your needs. Please call us today for more information.