LED Signs for Churches

Signs Plus Signs: Important Things to Consider When Buying an Outdoor Sign

Are you looking for led outdoor signage? You should consider a lot of things before purchasing one beforehand. There are a lot of signage suppliers nowadays, and you need to pick the best one to suit [...]

Signs Plus Signs: Where to Buy High Quality Outdoor Signs

Did you know that you can purchase affordable outdoor signs without emptying your pocket? Unfortunately, outdoor signs are known to be pretty expensive these days, which hinders some people from actually buying them. Looking for [...]

Attract New Members to Your Church with a Heavenly LED Marquee Sign

There are many references to signs in the Bible. Prophets promised and believed the Lord would send signs, believers ask to see signs, and innumerable revelations and moments are all labeled as signs. Today, signs [...]

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3 Strategies to Help Charities Improve Fundraising Efforts When Using Digital LED Signs

It is said that more than 70% of people regularly look at signboards, most of which are digital LED sign boards. Rely on Signs Plus Signs to help your charity thrive.

2020-06-29T16:44:14-04:00December 12, 2019|General, LED Signs for Churches|

How Using LED Signs and Social Media Can Boost Marketing Efforts

Let’s look at some of the ways businesses are benefiting from combining social media efforts with marquee signs for businesses.

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Why Your Church Needs Signs

Church marquee signs are a great way to draw attention to your building. It's possible that there are people in your area who are looking for a church to join but haven't decided where to go yet. Seeing your sign as they drive or walk through town could be the push they need to consider your church. Perhaps they will like it because it's close to home or they will be intrigued by the message on your marquee. Whatever it is that entices them, making it known that your church is there is the first step.

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