outdoor led school signs

When you’re considering new and innovative techniques for getting your message across, it might be a bright idea to research LED signs in addition to traditional advertising. Are you looking for signs for schools? Church marquee signs? Commercial business signs? Signs for government? An LED sign might be the perfect answer!

There are lots of benefits to LED signs, but the bottom line is that they get great results, especially for school activities. Here are five top reasons to use outdoor LED school signs.

Hi-Tech and Trending Up-to-Date Technology
Excite your students, faculty, parents and the entire community with LED signs for schools! There are many reasons for creating this display, including a sports event, a concert, a theater performance, a car wash, or a bazaar, to name just a few.

Stay Competitive with Lots of Display Possibilities
Colorful, exciting possibilities for outdoor LED school signs include a scrolling marquee sign, an outdoor LED display, or even electronic message boards. In a world of instant communication and electronic sophistication, outdoor LED school signs are innovative and eye-catching. Most of all, you’ll stand out from the crowd with this type of advertising. Outdoor LED school signs will give your school the competitive edge among rival schools in the district.

LED Signs Are Soaring in Popularity
If you haven’t yet considered LED signs, this may be the best time to get involved. Of the global lighting market, 53% is estimated to be penetrated by LEDs in 2019. So, if you think that LED lighting is a futuristic concept, think again. The future is here, right now!

The Impact of LED Signs? Increased Sales
Now, let’s look at the bottom line: dollars and cents. Signage definitely has a significant impact on sales. In fact, there have been studies done which show sales revenue improves directly when a sign is added or changed. In addition, studies also show that bigger is better: when a large sign replaces a smaller wall sign, it can result in a 7.7% increase in revenue.

LED Signs Are Supreme Attention-Getters!
There’s no way around it: we live in a very busy time. We are all constantly bombarded with advertisements and exposed to different visual and auditory stimulation each day. People need to see your business, your church group, or your school. Dazzling outdoor LED school signs will definitely catch the attention of people passing by. What a bright idea!