Churches are an institution in America that has been around since its founding. We accept them as a staple of the culture and a symbol of our freedom of religion as much as our freedom of expression. The church marquee sign, often adorned with biblical or inspirational quotes, is simply an extension of that.

Signs are remarkably effective in getting people’s attention, otherwise, we wouldn’t build them in the first place! From billboards to marquees, they are an excellent way to get people interested. In fact, 58% of poll respondents 18 years or older learned about an event they were interested in attending from a billboard.

Let’s go over how changing your church marquee sign from a standard text-based light sign to a full color LED can make all the difference.

Save Money On Energy Costs

While churches may be exempt from paying taxes or other fees that businesses are responsible for paying, they certainly still have expenses. Of those expenses that a church cannot avoid, one of them is electricity. Since church marquee signs often stay on long after church ends (and sometimes all night), this can add up over the years.

Not only will a conventional sign cost more money to run with electricity, but eventually, the bulbs inside the sign will have to be replaced. If nobody at the church knows how to do this, it may even mean hiring a trained professional. LED signs for churches cost less money to run, have more to display, and will not have to be replaced for many years.

Be More Dynamic, Show Your Enthusiasm

A church is a group of people that have a strong belief structure in the positive aspects of humanity. Whether they are helping the poor, assisting with donations to the hungry, or simply giving faith to go o in what looks like a hopeless situation, churches can be places of great joy and enthusiasm. But will someone know that just by driving by? Be able to display quotes, messages of hope, or other displays of enthusiasm on a full color LED sign when you upgrade from your substandard text-based church marquee sign.

Bible Quotes Go Digital

American churches are known for displaying a “bible quote of the week” on their signs before every Sunday mass. Whether the church you attend is Christian or another religion, being able to rotate many quotes out at a time allows those driving or walking by to have their interest piqued in a way that is relevant to your faith. It may even inspire folks to join your church. Even if this is all you intend to use your LED sign for, give a new spin on an old classic by upgrading to a full color LED sign today.