digital signs for businesses

In a recent survey, about 35% of consumers reported that they wouldn’t have discovered a business if not for its signage, but that doesn’t mean that all signs are good signs. Even a bad sign can get people’s attention, but it won’t make customers want to walk through your doors.

The first step in creating quality, effective digital signs for businesses is creating a quality design for them. However, it’s common to not know where to begin, especially if you’ve never invested in digital LED sign boards before. So if you’re ready to start designing quality commercial business signs, here are three tips to help get you off the ground.

Make it Visible

While 71% of people report taking time to look at roadside billboards, your business may not have the means to create a display so large. However, your display, be it LED signs or marquee signs, needs to be in a place where it’s clearly visible to customers outside of the store or driving by.

That being said, there’s a lot more to visibility than placement. When working with LED signs, make sure you choose colors that can be seen during daylight hours.

Less is More

You can make the colors as bright as you want, but don’t clutter your sign with unnecessary effects or fonts. Sticking to a simplistic format can be the best way to go about designing print and digital signs for businesses that will make a positive impression on customers. A crowded sign will definitely make an impact, but most likely not the kind you need it to.

Signs with too much information can overwhelm customers and just look messy, so it’s best to stick with a minimalistic design. Plus, minimalism has been mainstay of modern design for years now. 

Size Matters 
Sign size matters, but not in the way you think it might. If you have a small storefront, your sign shouldn’t take up the entirety of that facade. Your sign’s size should be relative to the size of your business. So one size doesn’t exactly fit all! 

Whether you’re looking at electric business signs or sticking with print, these design tips are essential to the success of your business signs. Over 37% of consumers reported paying attention to a sign as they passed, so if you want people to notice yours, you should do everything in your power to make it a good one.