If you run a small business, you know how important it is to have effective signage. After all, 35% of people would never have discovered a business if not for their sign. That being said, you want potential customers to know about you for the right reasons. If you utilize overly distracting or confusing digital signs for business, you may end up dissuading customers from coming in, rather than attracting them. Whether you use standard or scrolling marquee signs, you want your message to be clear and enticing. And of course, you’ll want to avoid the four following signage “don’ts.”

Marquee Mistakes to Avoid

  1. Using too much textWhen you’re designing marquee signs for businesses, it’s always best to keep things simple. You don’t want passersby to have to squint or pay very close attention to read your message. Not only will it confuse people, but it may even pose a hazard on the road! Be very concise with your text and make sure that it’s completely legible. If you can’t read it easily from the street, it’s not going to help your business in the slightest.
  2. Forgetting about nighttime viewersYou’re missing a huge opportunity if your scrolling marquee signs are visible only during the day. You need to make sure it’s well-lit for nighttime visitors and viewers! LED signs can be a great option to ensure potential customers can see your sign, no matter what time of day or night it is. While lighting should never pose a danger to drivers, it’s important your business is seen and noticed.
  3. Not considering your brand or demographicAs with any other advertising tactic, you need to keep your brand identity and target audience in mind. Your signage needs to be an accurate reflection of your business and of the customers you hope to attract. If you want to bring in younger folks, go for something hip, clever, and contemporary. If you want to attract a more mature crowd, opt for something more sophisticated, conservative, or streamlined. Above all, marquee signs for businesses need to accurately showcase your organization. If the design isn’t a match with your overall feel and mission, go in another direction.
  4. Making assumptions about zoningBefore you decide on the type of signage you want to use, be sure to research your area’s local zoning regulations. Many business owners are surprised to learn that their signs are in violation of these rules. Some cities restrict the size, lighting, or even colors of business displays. It will behoove you to find out what your city says about signage before you make an investment.

When you want to improve your brand’s visibility and bring in more customers, outdoor signage can often present the ultimate solution. For more information on how we can help you with our marquee signs for businesses, please contact us today!