With every new school year comes plenty of opportunities for the schools to think about how they want to improve the experience they provide to students. No matter what level of education your school caters to, you’ll need to consider how you can make the next school year even better than the previous one.

As you rush to prepare the school for returning students, there’s a lot that you can overlook if you don’t take the time to examine your facilities. Take something like the school’s marquee, which is a major aspect of the school’s image. As students and parents pass by this sign day in and day out, what do they see? Is it something that you would be proud to present to a new student? Are you taking full advantage of it to improve your school for the better?

Nowadays, digital signs are taking over the more traditional signs that many schools have had for a long time. If you’ve been considering updating the signage for your school but aren’t sure how it could benefit you, we want to help you understand what you can do with them. We’ll go over some of the major reasons to upgrade to digital signage for the new school year and how it can do wonders for the students, parents, and the school itself in the long run.

Long-Term Cost Savings

We can start with the argument that most school boards want to know about the most. How cost-effective are these digital signs? Are they worth the money to install? While some schools might feel apprehensive about the upfront cost of upgrading to digital signage for the new school year, they tend to pay for themselves in the long run.

Consider how many fundraisers have flopped because traditional communication methods, like handouts or boring signs, don’t effectively communicate. A bright sign out front flashing constant reminders of important events can help increase attendance at events that generate money for the school. You can also use your sign for marketing opportunities that can further increase funds, which we will talk more about shortly.

Opportunities To Partner With Local Businesses

Schools can’t afford to be singular islands; they’re a major part of the local community, and you should do everything you can to leverage that fact. Local businesses in your community know that they can partner with schools to increase business for their own ends, but they’ll be only as successful as you allow them to be. Digital signage shows a much clearer and more interesting look at your business partners and sponsors.

Static signs or basic posters won’t grab anyone’s attention, making it harder to attract sponsors and businesses to your school. Upgrading your outdoor digital signage gives these potential partners a much better idea as to how you will help market them and the benefits that they’ll see as a result.

Communicate Important Announcements

News travels fast, and it has to in order to reach everyone in a timely fashion. Email blasts and announcement reminders can only do so much. When you have important announcements that you want everyone to keep in mind, it pays to consider how you can consistently remind your students and their families about these important updates.

A digital sign is great for the ever-shifting nature of school news. Dates need to move around for certain events, families need to know about last-minute cancellations, and you want to share the good news as soon as possible to spread the school spirit as far as it will go. The ease of updating a digital sign for your school makes it a breeze to keep everyone informed about the school’s latest goings-on.

Increase Attendance at School Events

Having an engaged student body is what many members of leadership dream of for their school. In practice, trying to keep a large number of students, many of whom have plenty of responsibilities of their own, engaged in the day-to-day happenings of the school is difficult. You can make this easier for them by consolidating the most important information in one place: your marquee sign.

A digital sign that runs through all the important upcoming events of the school can be an easy place for both students and parents to check when they need reminders. If you have to change the date of the final basketball game of the season, you want people to know about that as soon as possible so that plans can change accordingly. More participation and event attendance is always a good thing for a school.

Always Keep Information Up-to-Date

As we’ve already mentioned, dates, times, and events can change in an instant when it comes to school announcements and events. The announcements that you might put on a sign are usually the bigger and more important things you want people to know about, so you don’t want to inefficiently communicate when those things are close on the horizon.

Digital signage makes it much simpler to add or remove dates and events as they come and go. You can swap out messages on the fly and make changes to them as needed to make sure that everyone has access to the latest information. Compare this to a traditional sign that could end up displaying outdated information for much longer than you would like before someone can go out and change it manually.

Improve School Image

The way a school presents itself on the outside can have a huge impact on the way others perceive it. In this day and age, you don’t want others to see your building or facilities as outdated or old. School is where students go to learn and grow, so the school needs to grow and change with them as the years go on.

Whether it’s for attracting new students, impressing current ones, or keeping up with rival schools, a digital marquee sign out in front of the building lets onlookers know that you’re on top of things.

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