Many of us love our technology, but not everything should (or can) be transmitted through email or text message. In some cases, it’s better to go for something more traditional, albeit with a modern twist. For many businesses, full color LED signs are the perfect way to communicate important information to those in the area. For schools, communicating messages to students, parents, and community members is vital, and sometimes your best vessel for communication is right outside on your school marquee.
School LED signs allow you to get your message out to a large audience with minimal effort. But what exactly should your outdoor school signs be saying? While you should keep messages short and sweet, you shouldn’t feel limited by the sorts of messages you can communicate. Here are just seven different things your school LED signs can — and should — say during the year:

  1. Achievements
    There’s nothing better to boost school spirit than celebrating a recent win! Whether you want to recognize a student who received an award or a team who brought home a championship, electronic school signs provide the perfect platform to honor your school’s success.
  2. Encouragement
    If one of your school’s teams is entering a tough tournament, you can use school LED signs to wish them good luck. If it’s time for finals or the SATs, you can use your sign to communicate messages of encouragement. No matter the occasion, you can support one another just through the message you choose.
  3. Motivational Quotes
    If you find a thought-provoking or motivational quote — or if your school has a mantra — that’s the perfect material for electronic marquee signs for schools. Bible verses also make for uplifting material. These words of wisdom can be especially useful if your community is going through a hard time. It’s a great way to bring people together and show that the staff cares about the student body and community.
  4. Alerts
    Whether you need to warn about inclement weather, send out a reminder about safe driving habits, or signal an emergency, you can do it all on digital school signs. Communicate early dismissal, closings, or important changes quickly and efficiently.
  5. School Events
    Of course, you can use your sign to tell students, parents, and community members about upcoming events they’ll surely want to know about and attend. You can tell them about pep rallies, dances, concerts, plays, games, fairs, or other special activities.
  6. Community Events
    You can also let local residents know about pertinent events that are happening in the community like fundraisers, festivals, or appearances by school groups at other locations. In one survey, 58% of respondents aged 18 and above said they had discovered an event they were interested in from a billboard; the same concept can apply to your school signage. It’s an excellent way to make the school-community connection even stronger.
  7. Parent messages
    If you have an upcoming open house or parent-teacher meeting night, you can advertise that to families who drop off or pick up their kids. You can also alert parents about report cards, upcoming finals, or important reminders. Since kids don’t always tell their parents what they should, this can help to bridge the gap and keep everyone informed.

Want to improve your communications with students, parents, and members of the community? School LED signs can help you make a real impact!