marquee signs for schoolsIn this day and age, businesses have to be more creative and calculating with their advertising tactics. Even marquee signs for schools and signs for churches need to be bold and clever. Understandably, many companies are embracing the idea of using digital signs for businesses in order to make an impact. But you don’t always have to use LED signs to be successful in your signage. More traditional marquee signs for schools and businesses can be just as effective if you follow these three tips:

  • Make it eye-catching

    Not only do you need to compete in a more saturated marketplace, but your outdoor signs also need to compete against other digital distractions. You need to make sure drivers and other passersby take notice of your sign despite the omnipresence of cell phones, GPS systems, and other technology. Although you’d never want to compromise the safety of nearby drivers with a distracting sign, you do want it to stand out for the right reasons. Use bold colors, provoking questions, or intriguing concepts that will make people who see it want to know more.

  • Make it concise

    When in doubt, make it simple. Don’t over-complicate your message or use too much text. Your sign should be easily read and understood. Think about why billboards are so successful: they display minimal information but offer enough to make travelers understand the company. Wholly 71% of people say they often look at messages on billboards! Like these road signs, you should ensure that your marquee signs for schools and businesses give enough information but leaves them wanting more.

  • Make it fit with your strategy

    Your marketing strategy is bound to change over time. That’s only natural. You just need to make sure your signage changes along with it. Your signs should reflect the current state of your business. Don’t use an outdated sign if your company has recently implemented new technologies or has evolved in its marketing. And don’t use a sign that doesn’t accurately show what your business does. It should all link back to your central message and overall identity.

Whether you need a scrolling sign for your school or a LED sign for your business, we can help improve the way your business is perceived. To find out more about our products or to get started, get in touch with us today!