Let’s think about the restaurant industry for a few minutes. Driving anywhere, we’re inundated with different places to eat. With every restaurant vying for your patronage, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the sheer amount of options.

The nice thing about restaurants and food is that people will never stop needing to eat. They’ll keep coming back, but when you’re competing with appetites in a pool of inexhaustible options, it can be difficult to stand out from the crowd. One poll found that 58% of its respondents visited a restaurant later because of a sign they saw while driving. It’s safe to say that commercial business signs are especially effective when they’re food related. Let’s look at how good signage can make your restaurant more successful.

Obliviousness Is Always A Factor

Never underestimate how clueless human beings are. For being the most cognitively high-functioning mammals on the planet, a lot of people need to be spoon fed information. This is especially true of restaurants. We’re not saying you need a big blinking sign that says “EAT HERE!” Instead, have signage that leaves no question that you’re serving delicious fare. If there’s no display telling people about your restaurant, they can find another option in seconds.

Get Lit, But Not Too Lit

There’s a major difference between effective outdoor LED signs and tackily crafted light up signs. They should display your restaurant and the intent to feed people. The signage should make passersby curious, guiding them into your restaurant. If you’re displaying your restaurant through signage as bright as the Vegas strip or 1990s raves, you’ll attract more bugs to the light than people. Catching attention appropriately is a balancing act.

Make Them Drool A Little

Now you have tasteful signage that’s supposed to draw people in, so get them something to drool over. Whet peoples’ appetites, give them something that’ll make them salivate. Have an award-winning dish? Is there an evening special? Is there live music? Are there buy-one-get-one margaritas during happy hour? Display all of it. People come into restaurants when their senses are convinced. Use your signage to play a symphony on the senses and you’ll attract hungry and thirsty patrons in droves. Restaurants provide the unique opportunity to make commercial business signs into experiences that stick with people.

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