Project Description

RiverLife Church Custom Polyarmour Church
Custom Polyarmour Church Monument Sign

All components of Polyarmour construction are synthetic materials. There will never be rusting, rotting, or deterioration of any kind. The exterior finish of these signs is 100% aggregated acrylic. The color is integral and will not peel, crack, or blister. Plus the light weight makes direct bury installation an easy process.

Build attractive structures around and encapsulate illuminated and LED cabinets for a professional architectural appearance.

  • Durable: All synthetic construction won’t rust or rot. Polyarmour hard-coat surface is highly impact resistant. No comparison to traditional stucco techniques. Tougher than the others.
  • Versatile: Add Panels, Engraved Graphics, Dimensional Graphics, Illuminated Sign Cabinets, Faux Brick Accents & Stone Veneers. Use Your Imagination.
  • Easy to Install: 2 person crew with simple tools can handle installation of a typical 5’x10′ sign without any heavy equipment.