In most school districts, summer break has just recently begun. Students, parents, and teachers alike love the freedom and fun that comes with summer, but that doesn’t mean that schools shouldn’t continue to connect with the community they support. Here are four great ways marquee signs for schools can be used to bridge the gap between school years.

Keep Parents and Students in the Loop

Even though students aren’t showing up for classes on a daily basis during the summer, that doesn’t mean they don’t need information from school administrators. At the beginning of the summer, school marquee signs can be used to highlight current events in the district. Since, according to Forbes, 58% of poll respondents learned about an event they were interested in attending from a billboard, you may find that event participation improves when your school’s marquee sign highlights it. Toward the start of the school year, consider displaying information about enrollment and the first day of school in the fall to keep parents in the loop about important dates.

Help Prevent Summer Learning Loss

Summer learning loss is a major problem for students of all ages. The lengthy gap between school years can lead to dropping reading levels and forgetting essential math skills. When parents support their children with light educational activities over the summer, they can set them up for success. Administrators can use marquee signs for schools to offer helpful tips to parents about preventing summer learning loss. When more students come back fully prepared to take in new information in the fall, they’ll be set up for success.

Support Summer School Programs

Not all kids have a summer break completely disconnected from their education. Summer school programs are a classic solution to prevent summer learning loss and to help struggling students review essential information from the previous school year. Since those students will still be coming to school, they are one of the primary audiences of marquee signs for schools. Support them with information about their classes, words of encouragement, and celebrations of their successes in their summer school programs.

When school districts use their outdoor signage effectively, they can support all the members of their local communities. Whether your school uses outdoor LED signs, digital signs, or marquee signs, you can use your signage space to stay connected with students, parents, and teachers over the summer. Effective messaging on school signage has the potential to improve educational outcomes for students of all ages and ability levels, so don’t let your signs stay blank during any time of the year.