Marquee signs are popular among many industries, including schools, churches, and businesses. They can be a great way to gain customers or entice people to learn more about your business. In fact, a church marquee sign can be used to promote messages to the public as well as encourage people to join the congregation. While a church marquee sign can be very beneficial, it can also be easy to make a mistake and pay for it later on. This article will look at a few of the dos and don’ts when it comes to church marquee signs.


Consider what size your sign should be

Outdoor church signs should be big enough to be seen, but also not overwhelmingly large. It should be easy to read from a distance and should fit in with the surrounding area.

Ensure the sign is in a visible location to allow for maximum impact

Considering that 37% of people report looking at outdoor advertisements most of the times they pass one, your sign should be in a well-traveled location.

Be informational

Marquee signs don’t always have to have a witty quote on them, they can also provide valuable information. Just remember to be brief and not overwhelm the passerby with too much information for them to take in. For instance, some quick information a marquee sign can provide is:

  • Service times
  • General church news
  • Upcoming church events
  • Community events


Overcomplicated the message
Trying to use something witty and philosophical might make people passing by choose to ignore the sign if they don’t get the message right away.

Use a message that will cause issues

If you want to use a pun or something that’s supposed to be funny, really think it through. Is there any way it could be misunderstood or considered offensive? Run the idea by multiple different people to ensure it’s a safe message to use.

Use poor grammar or spelling

 If something is spelled wrong on your sign, it will only discourage people from wanting to join the congregation and make the church look bad.

Use outdated pop-culture references

Trying to get younger generations involved with the church is a great idea, but using outdated references isn’t the way to do it. On the other hand, using a good reference can be a way to show the youth the church is interested in reaching out to them and getting them involved.

With proper use, a church marquee sign could prove to be very valuable. Be sure to consider these few simple dos and don’ts to ensure your sign is well-placed and sends a useful, meaningful message to the community.