When it comes to outdoor signage, one thing that is always on your mind is how visible it will be. There are many reasons why you want people to see your sign outside — whether you are promoting a business or trying to get them interested in an event — but if they can’t see the sign, then what good does it do? With that in mind, here are dos and don’ts for increasing the visibility of your outdoor LED signs.

Do: Use Color to Increase Visibility

Colors like red, yellow, pink, green, or orange are visible against most backgrounds, including grey skies. Bright colors can be seen from even a good distance away, which is very important when you want people to notice your sign.

Do: Use Size to Increase Visibility

The bigger the sign, the better people will be able to see it. There is a reason that billboards are so big — they need to catch people’s attention no matter where they are on the road. Try making your lettering larger than you think it needs to be if you want people to see it.

Do: Ensure That Your Sign Is in the Right Place

The best way to ensure that people can see your sign is to put it in the right place. Outdoor LED signs for businesses should be placed on corners or near major intersections, even if you need to rent additional space. This will make sure that people who are driving by have enough time to read what your sign says and decide whether to stop.

Don’t: Forget About Brightness Settings

Some color choices may help increase visibility, but they can still be made less visible by using poor brightness settings. Too much brightness can strain people’s eyes and make your sign too bright to see during the day.

Don’t: Forget About Rules and Regulations

Your sign needs to conform to any rules or regulations in your area, including size or brightness restrictions. You may also be required to get permits before putting up signage. Ensure that you know all the rules and get your sign professionally installed to ensure that it follows all regulations.

According to Forbes, over 37% of respondents look at an outdoor ad each or most of the time they pass one. It is thus important to ensure that your outdoor LED signs are visible enough to attract a greater portion of that audience.