led sign companyContacting an LED sign company may seem like an unnecessary move for your company or organization. However, there are many reasons why they are the best option. Signage is very important, as 30% of customers would have missed a company had it not been for their sign. Thus, one is going to want to catch as many eyes as possible. Best Buy gained 17% of their walk in customers due to their bright yellow signs in front of their stores. Below is why an LED sign is going to be best for your company or organization:

Eye Catching Advertisements

Imagine a tree in your backyard. If the tree is filled with black and brown birds, it is going to look relatively similar regardless of what part of the tree you are looking at. Then, a bright red cardinal lands in the tree, where are your eyes drawn? Obviously, the bright red bird is what you will be looking at and paying attention to. Another example of this is clothing. If everyone is wearing a black dress and a woman wearing a bright yellow dress walks into the room, people’s eyes are going to be drawn to her even if all the women look similar, as her bright color will draw the attention. The same is true for signage. While someone might see 20 or 30 signs on a given commute and one is a brightly colored LED sign, where will their eyes be drawn? The bright, dynamic picture of the LED sign will catch people’s eyes in a way that conventional billboards never could. Regardless of the goal or product of your organization or business, you are going to want to catch as many eyes as possible, and an outdoor LED sign is the way to do that.

People also write down or remember information from billboards, especially from ones that stand out. A study concluded that 26% of poll respondents remembered or wrote down a phone number form an outdoor sign, while 28% did the same with a web address. Imagine the numbers doing this with bright, eye catching digital signs. Whether you are looking for a school sign board, a church marquee sign, or an electronic business sign, LED will help you catch people’s eyes.

Where to Find the Best LED Signs

You could use an internet search engine and find dozens of places trying to sell you an LED sign for cheap. Or, you could find a reputable LED sign company that will provide you with a quality piece of advertisement that will have longevity. One LED sign company that many people recommend is Signs Plus. This company, operated out of Sarasota, FL, serves Florida, West Virginia, Texas, California, Georgia, Illinois, Ohio, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Arizona. They are family-owned and eager to add your company or organization to their list of satisfied customers.

Whether you have a church, school, or business, LED sign companies like Signs Plus will provide you with quality, eye-catching advertising.