If you run a brick-and-mortar business, your top priorities are getting people through the door and bringing in revenue. One of the most underestimated ways to accomplish both goals is with your business signage. It’s possible to change the public perception of your business just by adding a few well-placed, effective signs on site. Of course, not just any sign will do. Outdated sandwich boards are going to make way less of an impact than electronic signs for businesses. If you want to make sure your business signage packs a punch, be sure to follow these three tips:

  • Use graphics and colors
    Eye-catching colors can say a lot about your brand. They can help entice customers and can instantly communicate your overall message. Full color LED signs can provide these valuable color pops, as well as some great graphics. As long as you make sure that the colors and images you use reflect your business and will welcome customers (rather than scaring them away), you should use them in your signage!
  • Create contrast
    Above all else, your sign needs to be legible. Contrast plays a huge part in guaranteeing passersby can read and understand what you’re trying to market. By pairing together a background and text that are too similar in color, no one will be able to discern what the sign says. But if your colors have a good contrast — one light and one dark — you’ll never have to worry about whether visitors can see your message, day or night.
  • Go big
    As a rule, LED signs for businesses need to be on the large side. After all, a small sign really won’t make much of a difference. Studies have actually found that adding or changing a wall sign for a larger one can increase revenue by 7.7%. So while you’ll need to follow all applicable zoning laws for your signage, you’ll probably want to choose the largest sign you can. You’ll end up getting a bigger return on your investment and you’ll have peace of mind knowing your sign can’t be missed.

If you want to improve your current signage situation, Signs Plus Signs has everything you’ll need. To find out more about our marquees and LED signs for businesses, get in touch with us today.