full color led signs

Over a third of people — 35% — would not have discovered a business had it not been for their sign. But now thanks to the Coast Guard, LED signs are saving peoples’ lives.

Safety is the number one priority for the Coast Guard North Bend in Newport, OR. So now they have started to implement full-color LED signs in order to convey important safety information necessary for boaters. These outdoor LED displays were placed at the entrance of the Coast Guard Station.

Every boater had to pass by this entrance on their way out to the water, so the goal of these LED signs was to provide safety information about the status of the water and alerts for boats coming in. It also provides helpful information about what boats are restricted from sailing that day under the specific weather conditions.

They also used cloud computing-based software that allowed their messages to be displayed almost immediately. This is crucial for boater safety as water currents, wind changes, and temperatures change very frequently. And the Coast Guard believes that knowing the most of the water’s conditions before heading out is necessary for any boater.

These full-color LED displays are also especially helpful at night where they can be seen from a distance. And for extra protection, they installed a security camera to the outdoor sign.

But if you are not in the Coast Guard or do not live near the water, full-color LED signs can be extremely helpful for promoting any business. Studies show that adding a sign to your business improves sales revenue by at least seven percent and the value of an on-site sign is worth the same as 24 full-page newspaper ads per year.

The options are endless, no matter the business you are in. There are outdoor church signs that can advertise worship times and community service activities. There are school marquees that proclaim school musicals and fundraisers. Or there are digital signs for businesses to make your location stands out amidst your competitors.

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