outdoor led school sign

You might be thinking that you don’t have to dust off your outdoor LED school sign until the school year actually starts. That’s really not true. There’s a lot of information students and parents need to know before the bell rings for the first time this fall. Here is a guide to help you properly welcome your students back with your school LED signs before you’re back in session for the year. 

End of July

At the end of July, start sharing with your students that you hope they’re having a nice summer with your outdoor school signs. Don’t start the back-to-school conversation just yet. Students are enjoying their time off, and parents aren’t really looking for any big back-to-school announcements yet. 

First week of August

Start announcing things on your school marquee things like practice schedules and other activities involving extracurriculars. Most sports practices, band practices, and other non-academic activities begin a little while before school does. Use your outdoor led school sign to help parents know when they need to get ready for these practices and other before-school scenarios.

Two weeks before the first day

Two weeks before the first day is when it’s time for your outdoor LED school sign to shine. If you have an LED outdoor sign, you can easily change your message and add graphics when you need to grab people’s attention. You can announce things like when the school supply list is released and when the open house is.

A few days before school starts

Now is the time to officially unroll the welcome mat. Send a message with your outdoor LED school sign that lets the students know summer’s over and it’s time to hit the books again. You can help them get excited about the new year and come back with enthusiasm. 

Nearly 85% of a business’s customers live or work within a five-mile radius of its location. Your students and their families certainly live close to your school, so they will have an opportunity to see your outdoor LED school sign even during the summer. Welcome them with a series of messages spaced out before the school year starts so you can kick off a new semester right!