LED signs for businesses are used to create great first impressions for visitors, and municipal signs are no different.

Many neighborhoods have already experienced how significant good digital signs can be. From encouraging event participation to promoting public service announcements, digital municipal signs can help drive your community forward.

Local government and community signs are important for emergency notices and upcoming events. They can be used to raise awareness of issues specific to your hometown. And when they’re not serving a more critical task, they’re useful for displaying hours of operation or the current time and temperature.

To learn more about how municipalities can be benefited by modern outdoor signage, keep reading.

Make Public Places More Welcoming

The more care and attention you put into public places, from schools to libraries to parks, the more people are likely to use them. Public works should be inviting to your community, and a digital monument sign can make that statement effectively.

Are there public areas or attractions in your community that don’t see much activity? Perhaps you have a library that goes painfully overlooked by residents. Using a prominent sign to advertise upcoming events and new arrivals could be just the boost it needs.

17% of walk-in Best Buy customers came in because of the business sign. You can expect similar turnout when you use municipal signs to draw attention to your public areas.

Promote the Community and Events More Effectively

One of the challenges any governing body or public service faces is getting the community engaged in important issues. It can also be difficult to get tourists or passers-by to bring their business into town. To help solve both of these problems, use attention-grabbing LED signs to promote local events and stops.

In cases where you need to spread the word quickly to an entire community, municipal signs are a great solution. For example, with increasingly isolated lives, some people accidentally forget to vote when voting season comes around. Community signs can remind people to complete their voter registration on time and turn out to the polls.

Community events are also best promoted using large signs people can see as they drive through town. While there might not be time or space to effectively describe an event, you can provide the basic information with an invitation to see the town’s website or Facebook page for more details.

Of course, you could always use the newspaper or local magazines. But how many people actually read those compared to the number of people who drive by the courthouse every day? Probably not many. As an added bonus, advertising important messages using a physical sign instead of periodicals can help reduce paper use, thus helping support the environment.

Finally, getting more travelers to stop by can be as simple as getting their attention. On long trips, it’s easy for people to zone out and lose sight of everything apart from the road. Wake up those weary travelers with an attractive LED municipal sign just outside town, and you just might see more business activity.

As you can see, community signs do a lot more than just beautify the landscape. Having the right signs can help local people participate in their civic rights and improve the entire community.