electronic signs

When you’re just starting out with your small business, getting the word out can be a challenge. Marketing and advertising can be incredibly expensive, especially since it’s difficult to guarantee any sort of results. So what’s a start-up to do? One possible option is looking into LED electronic signs. Electronic signs for businesses can help you draw people to your business with a unique and attention-grabbing form of advertising. Here are just a few reasons why these bright forms of signage could help your business draw in new customers and help you see increased revenue.

  • Walk-In Customers: Sometimes, all it takes to draw in new customers is just to have them see your new sign for themselves. Many customers will choose to walk into a business simply based on the business signage. In fact, 35% of people wouldn’t have discovered a business had it not been for their sign. LED signs will likely catch the attention of passersby far faster than a standard sign, leading new customers into your business.
  • Drive-By Branding: Billboards can be a surprisingly effective way of getting your message out, especially for a small business. This type of marketing works well for local, smaller businesses since anyone seeing the sign will already be driving through the area your company is located in or near. Additionally, if you use an LED display for your billboard, you’ll be able to fit far more information than just the usual single phone number or tagline for your business.
  • Local LEDs: Up to 85% of a business’s customers live within a five mile radius of the business itself. If you’re able to use signage throughout this radius, more locals will become aware of your company’s products and services. With such a high percentage of your future customers likely being locals, being able to spread your company’s name within your community is essential.

Looking for an outdoor LED display or signage for your business? Contact Signs Plus for all of your signage needs. Well designed, full color LED signs could help draw more new customers into your small business, helping you grow and succeed.