If you own or are part of running a school, you’ve probably thought about LED signs before. But they seem costly, so many people aren’t sure they’re worth it. Well, thanks to advances in technology, LED signs aren’t that expensive, and they can have many benefits for your school. It may be time to consider getting one.

If you are considering getting an outdoor LED display for your school, Signs Plus has many great LED school signs for you to choose from. And we let you customize your design because we know each customer has their own needs. So consider coming to Signs Plus to get your signs.

Informing the community

One of the biggest benefits of LED school signs is the ability to easily keep your community informed. A programmable LED sign allows you to change text and add new messages constantly to inform more people. In a recent survey, 58% of adults said that they learned about events they might have been interested in from a billboard, and LED school signs can work the same way.

You can use this to update people about school events, sports games, fundraisers, testing dates, schedule changes, and more. It provides a central location for you to put any messages, especially last-minute changes that people might need to know as soon as they arrive at the school.

Forgetful students

At all ages, students can be forgetful. They forget to tell their parents about important events and deadlines and events and tests coming up often slip their minds. LED school signs can help solve this issue.

If a student doesn’t remember that they have a big test soon, the school marquee can remind them. If they forget when a sports game is, it’s right there. It helps make sure students stay as informed as possible.

School LED signs are also useful for parents of absent-minded children. It lets them know when big events and deadlines are, so if their child forgets to tell them, they can still be in the loop.

It practically pays for itself

Given the price of an LED sign and all of its benefits, it practically pays for itself. It can be an excellent investment for your school. In fact, some experts say that an LED sign has the same value as 24 full-page newspaper ads every year.

If you use your sign for advertising school events like fundraisers and sports games, more people will be informed about them. This means the turnout will be better, and the revenue from these events can quickly outshine the LED sign’s cost.

Whatever type of school you’re a part of, it could benefit from LED school signs. They inform the community, help combat forgetfulness, and practically pay for themselves. And if you’re looking for an LED sign for your school, consider coming to Signs Plus to get a sign customized to your needs.