Chances are if you have ever driven down the road in your car a few LED signs have caught your attention. After all, they are difficult not to notice. They are flashy and clean looking. They practically demand your attention. At night time, your eyes often dart straight to them like a moth to a flame. Did you know that is exactly what the business owner wants from you? Signs can be expensive, so don’t you want them to actually work? They are meant to catch your attention and draw you in. No one wants to waste money on a dull sign that is ignored by all. LED business signs that are flashy and meaningful cause your business to be remembered. According to a few studies, adding or changing a sign can dramatically improve sales. Updating your signage with a larger sign increases sales by 7.7%.

Who Needs LED Signs

Just about any and all businesses and locations can benefit from adding outdoor LED signs to their storefront. Getting a church marquee sign for your church is great for bringing in new members. Not only do the signs look great, but they are also customizable. You can update them with quotes, events, and more. Full color LED signs also support pictures and videos. Other locations that can greatly benefit from adding a LED sign to their storefront are schools. You can easily update signs with announcements, achievements, and more.

Ads Are Important

You may be asking yourself, “Why does my church need a church marquee sign?” That is a good question. Churches need members in order to survive, and LED signs can really bring in those needed members. Did you know that 58% of poll respondents that were over the age of 18 learned about an event they were interested in from a roadside sign? Yes, 58%. That is a lot of people. Imagine all of the people that you can bring in by announcing your church events each week on the outdoor LED sign? It would really get the word out about your events and bring in new members. These signs are life-changing for many organizations and businesses and need to be strongly considered when doing future budgeting.