Marketing trends come and go, but there are a select few that are always going to be effective. Outdoor advertising, which can include billboards, ads on transit and bus shelters, and commercial business signs, has become a regular part of daily life. Even when they don’t realize it, people absorb the information from these ads as soon as they lay eyes on them. Discover the reasons why outdoor advertising is still a worthwhile investment for your company.

Breaks down the barrier between consumers and ads

Consumers don’t have to complete any action to see your outdoor advertisements. This type of advertising is also known as Out-Of-Home advertising and it is designed to simply reach consumers whenever they leave the house. In contrast to digital advertising or in-store promotions, the effectiveness of this marketing does not hinge on the consumer taking the initiative to enter a certain arena. Whether you use electronic signs or outdoor LED signs, there is a clear path from the outdoor ad to the consumer.

Outdoor ads allow for more detail

When you advertise on the radio or television, you’re given a very limited amount of air time. In this short time, it is nearly impossible to get across everything you want to say. Both standard and digital signs for businesses can be more detailed. This is especially effective when you have a captive audience, such as subway riders and drivers stuck in traffic. Companies can successfully foster brand recognition by using well-placed commercial business signs to tell their company stories.

High conversion rate

A surprising number of people make their purchasing decisions over the course of a typical week when they are not home. Over two-thirds of travelers fall into this category, according to consumer research company Arbitron. Every second a person spends outside of their home is an opportunity to get your marketing message to them. They can’t change the channel on your outdoor ad like they can with the radio or television, making these seconds a valuable chance to create a connection with the consumer.

About 37% of people say that they look at an outdoor ad each or most of the time they pass one. Whether you choose billboards, commercial business signs, or anything in between, you are giving your business a much better chance at widespread brand recognition.