In this day and age when we all want the most current and up-to-date information, educational institutions can’t go wrong with investing in school LED signs.

Think about your hometown for a minute. If you take a drive, you’re likely to see LED signage all over the place: you might see LED church marquee signs, you might see lots of LED electronic business signs, and you’ll likely even see signs at your dentist’s office or local grocery store.

Whether you’re talking about traditional, non-electric signage or brand spanking new LED signage, there’s hardly a doubt that signs work. Studies have repeatedly shown that changing a sign or adding a sign can increase a business’s revenue by more than 7%. What’s more, signage helps people discover businesses — studies have found that more than 30% of people would have never found a business if not for signage.

So how do school LED signs help schools? Quite simply, they help schools convey important information in a way that makes people take notice. With school LED signs, schools gain signage that is:

  • Versatile
  • Long lasting
  • Customizable
  • Appealing
  • Cost-effective

Whether they need to alert parents about school closures or upcoming parent-teacher conference days or even offer words of encouragement to students, schools have a lot of options with school LED signs. Think of it as a school’s personal billboard. Studies have found that 32% of poll respondents find out about businesses via billboards and go on to visit them within that same week.

With school LED signs, schools can grab the attention of their community and help keep them informed. Gone are the days of changing school marquees and outdoor school signs with individual letters. Now, with some technical savvy and a little bit of creativity, schools can customize their outdoor LED signs just about any way they want to.

If your school is considering purchasing an LED sign, it’s a very worthwhile buy. These signs offer top-of-the-line technology and an incredibly easy way for schools to get information out to community members. At a time when folks are always looking to social media sites for the latest information about goings-on in the world, school LED signs can be another gateway to getting people’s attention with a brightly-colored, easy to read sign with a message that they will see and remember.