The use of signs to advertise has been with us since the 14th century. The aspect of digital signage has, however, added a lot to the marketing basket for businesses, churches, and schools. Marquee signs for businesses are being used a lot lately. Digital sign technology, such as the use of digital images, LED signs, etc, has quickly penetrated the digital signage market.

So why electronic signs?

Outdoor digital signs, for instance, are being used a lot because they are elegant and highly inviting. They easily catch attention. Isn’t that what a triumphant announcement does?

Here are some more reasons for this growth in popularity.

Awareness Building

Outdoor LED signs outside your business do the magic of letting customers passing by know the services and products your business offers. A study shows that signs attract 17% of the best walk-in customers. Things like discounts and deals when elegantly displayed on your storefront persuade the customer to walk right in.

Outdoor church signs come in handy when displaying days and time of service. They also help in announcing special events.

Easily Customizable

LED signs are easily customizable at any point. This advantage makes them viable and cost-effective. Businesses can easily change those messages on discounts and even incorporate new lighting patterns.

Churches, for instance, can customize their LED signs to capture the changes in service time and the new programs the church wishes to roll out.

Real-time messages like traffic alerts and weather updates work in LED signs due to their easy-to-customize nature.

Generally, a business that uses LED signs can gauge which advertising messages attract customers and which ones don’t. This test helps them adjust and apply what best fits them and ensures they stay on top of their advertising game.

Competitive Advantage

Now, more than ever, businesses are experiencing perhaps the highest level of competition there can be. In a market full of players offering the same service as you, there is a need to up your game. Marquee signs for businesses can do the magic.

An outdoor LED sign on your business can make you stand out. A message with a promise to offer quality or high discount rates will get clients rushing in. A school or church rolling out a new program will also get people drooling for the launch dates.


Since LED signs are easily customizable, they save the business from spending on different advertisements each time a new offer, promotion or program is rolled out.

On the other hand, a business can use LED signage as a way to earn revenue directly from other companies. For instance, a business can rent out a part of their LED digital board for other non-competitive company to place their adverts.

LED signs have lower electricity consumption. Elements that make up LED signs are highly efficient, giving it a low-power rating.

LED signs also have a longer lifespan. With proper care, they last up to a decade. And since there is often very little need to spend on repairs, this makes them highly cost-effective.


When it comes to LED signs, there are a lot of options to explore. These signs come in different shapes, colors, and styles. Depending on what your business needs, you can choose digital signage that easily aligns with your business.

Full color LED signs, for instance, tend to be more appealing to your clients. They are highly visible, and clients can spot them from a distance.

The different display options offered by LED marquee signs for businesses is something we can’t ignore. These options include animations, moving characters, display images, etc. Thus, there is a lot to explore.


Digital signage boasts close to zero negative impact on the environment. Unlike other forms of marketing, such as the use of paper ads, digital signs are environmentally friendly. Talk about conserving the environment as you advertise your products; isn’t that the good the world needs?

In Conclusion

The use of marquee signs for businesses has had a positive impact on marketing. LED signage has proven to not only be elegant but also highly cost-effective.