Are you struggling to draw the attention of people who pass by your church, school, or business? Your signage may be the problem. Luckily, replacing your traditional signage with modern programmable LED signs can help. Here’s why you should make the switch to programmable LED signs.

1. Programmable LED Signs Are Dynamic

The biggest undoing of traditional signage is its static nature. Traditional signs can only show one message at a time. Programmable LED signs, on the other hand, can constantly change and deliver several messages. Furthermore, given that they can show multiple messages, they can help you reduce your marketing budget.

2. Programmable LED Signs Are More Captivating

Another big drawback of traditional signs is their lack of appeal. Traditional signs can be inconspicuous. Conversely, outdoor LED signs are excellent at drawing people’s attention. Because they often use vivid colors and animations, outdoor LED business signs are better at capturing people’s attention.

3. Programmable LED Signs Are Simpler to Use

Writing your school announcement or restaurant offer on a chalkboard sounds fairly straightforward. However, it can get tedious. While technologies such as full-color LED signs may sound complex to use to the unacquainted, they are quite easy to use.

Using user-friendly software tools, you can easily create templates and customize your message to your liking. And if you need to make changes to your message, you can easily do it too.

4. Programmable LED Signs Can Boost Sales

Sure, a traditional sign may help you get your message across, but is it going to be memorable? Highly unlikely. As a rule of thumb, potential customers need to see a message seven times before making a purchase decision. Digital LED signs for business can expose customers to a message several times, convince them to buy products they wouldn’t have considered buying, and increase sales.

Applications of Programmable LED Signs

Now that you know the benefits of programmable LED signs, you may wonder how to use them. The way you’ll use them will largely depend on your needs. Are you unsure about how you can use a programmable LED sign for your organization? Here are a couple of message ideas for schools, retail shops, and churches.


  • Announce important dates such as test dates
  • Give directions
  • Announce results including sports results
  • Acknowledge student achievements
  • Display lunch menus

Retail Shops

  • Announce promotions and discounts on certain items
  • Display health and safety messages, such as COVID-19 social distancing rules
  • Promote new products
  • Congratulate staff for excellent performance
  • Display teasers of upcoming sales
  • Announce closing times


  • Share dates and times of upcoming services
  • Display Bible verses
  • Promote upcoming events such as retreats, fundraisers, and vigils
  • Display upcoming sermons
  • Announce youth camp dates

Experience the Benefits of Programmable LED Signage

In 2019, LED signs were estimated to achieve a 53% penetration of the global market. As more organizations ditch traditional signage in favor of LED signs, sign penetration is likely to continue growing. Don’t be left behind by other businesses! Shift to digital LED signboards and start experiencing the benefits listed above. If you are looking to improve or upgrade your signage, contact us and get your programmable LED sign today.