Most community churches want the opportunity for their congregation to grow and touch more lives. They make an effort to reach out to the community and bring together people with similar beliefs. There are many different ways to achieve this, but one of the easiest methods is with the help of signs. Outdoor church signs are a simple but effective way to reach the community. This is especially true when marquee signs are utilized.

Making Your Building Seen

Church marquee signs are a great way to draw attention to your building. It’s possible that there are people in your area who are looking for a church to join but haven’t decided where to go yet. Seeing your sign as they drive or walk through town could be the push they need to consider your church. Perhaps they will like it because it’s close to home or they will be intrigued by the message on your marquee. Whatever it is that entices them, making it known that your church is there is the first step.

Send Out Powerful Messages

Church marquees are also a way to put out powerful messages that mean something to your church. It’s a way to convey the things that matter to you and your community. These messages could have a great impact on someone who is passing your building and happens to read it. It could be just the message they needed that day, and it could lead them to learn more about your church. It’s also a great way to show what your congregation is like and what kind of messages you preach.

Inform About Events

If your church has important events taking place, you can inform your community by displaying them on your sign. You can provide the time and date as well as what the event is called. This allows passerby to learn what you have going on without ever having to call or visit this church. This also helps to entice those who see an event and think it sounds like something for them.

Grow Your Church

Signs are one of the simplest and most effective forms of marketing in your town. 35% of people say they wouldn’t have discovered a business without seeing their sign. Having a quality marquee outside your church is a great way to connect with the people in your area and grow your congregation.