When you’re the principal or administrator of a school, it’s understandable that you want your institution of learning to stand tall and proud. After all, it’s a place where young minds come to be molded and prepare themselves for the larger world outside of the classroom. While you may not want to be too flashy, having a great school sign often helps with school spirit and pride.

But what kind of sign is appropriate? How much will it cost over time? These are all appropriate questions to ask when it comes to inquiring about school LED signs that must be answered before any outdoor LED school signs are approved. Once you learn about the benefits of outdoor LED school signs, perhaps the only question you’ll have left is whether you should choose standard black and white signs or full color LED signs!

Go Green With LED Technology

In 2019, LEDs are estimated to achieve a 53 percent penetration of the global lighting market. This is because they are a remarkably efficient and technologically advanced method of lighting that gives off a lot of light for very little energy. Since they require little input and are easy to manufacture, they are a common element in the sustainable and “green” buildings. By replacing your school’s antiquated sign (which is probably illuminated by conventional lights) with one of the newer outdoor LED school signs, you can prove to your students, faculty, and the larger community that you believe in a sustainable future. When you install an LED sign for your school, you’re committed to “going green.”

Display School Spirit With Gusto

With a conventional school sign, you’re usually limited to a couple of lines of text if you’re lucky. Set against a white background, unless your sign already has the school’s mascot on it then you’re out of room to display school spirit and other stuff with gusto. If you opt for outdoor LED school signs instead, not only can you display more than one message at a time, but you can even display rather complex videos and images that are eye catching and attractive. From mascots to the American flag, utilizing an LED school sign can be a way for you to get beyond text and really reach out to students who may otherwise ignore your sign.

Get The Attention of The General Public

Like any school, your school is probably in view of the general public as they drive or walk by. Often, schools try and request help or resources from the public at large, but don’t necessarily know how to reach them. After all, it’s not like you have them on an email list or anything like that. Social media can be hit or miss, and you really don’t know how often people check these channels or anything else. With outdoor LED school signs, you can display messages such as “Got Any Canned Food to Donate?” or “Volunteers Needed for Football Game” so that people who are passing by know how they can help. By using an LED sign that’s bright and flashy, you’re more apt to capture the attention of the general public than with a standard antique sign.

Update Your Sign, Bring Your School Into a New Era

When you decide to opt for an LED sign for your school, you’ve made a smart choice. Not only will you be taking your school’s antiquated sign out and bringing in a digital one to usher your school into a new era, but you’ll experience a whole host of other benefits as well. From being able to proudly proclaim that your school is “going green” with the addition of an energy-efficient LED sign to be able to display more than just text on your school sign, we think everyone will quickly catch onto how wonderful this addition is. Not only is it a great way to show school spirit with electronic pictures and video, but it’s also an easy way to get the attention of the general public at large if you need help with something or volunteers. Instead of staying in the past with a text-based sign, why not call Signs Plus for an updated LED one right now?