When you’re the principal or administrator of a school, you typically have a lot on your plate to deal with. From kids getting in fights to trying to make your school meet the new state standards, the last thing on your mind is probably your school’s outdoor sign. You know, the sign that greets you and typically says the name of your school with the address? Sometimes called a school marquee, yours may be an old and outdated analog sign (with letters) or one of the older electronic signs.

Regardless of which sign you have, never think that it’s not time for an upgrade. Outdoor LED school signs have gotten so good in recent years that you’d be hard-pressed to find a reason NOT to include them in your budget. From being able to display multiple messages (instead of one) to even including video, we think that you should highly consider including one in your school’s budget as soon as possible. Allow us to enlighten you with some reasons below:

Get More Locals to Show Up to School Events

Did you know that 58% of poll respondents 18 years or older learned about an event they were interested in from seeing it on a sign? If you live in a smaller area, there’s a good chance that your school is dominant in the social and sports activities of the area. By having an outdoor LED school sign that shines bright and loud, you’ll be making sure that people can always know what’s going on at your school and attend if need be. From football games to art shows, digital school signs are the modern way to let your community know about events.

No More Excuses from Students

While communication today has gone digital, it’s still very practical to display important messages for students on an outdoor LED school sign. After all, your students will see it every day that they should up, right? So instead of hearing excuses about how they didn’t know how they had to bring in a form, attend an assembly, or use a new entrance, you can point to digital communication and your new school LED sign as evidence. It’s always better to give people more ways to know about important things that are going on at their institutions, and this is no different.

Display Video

Perhaps one of the best things about modern outdoor LED school signs is that they can display video, sometimes in full color. The possibilities for this are almost endless, and even if you don’t have sound hooked up to your sign you can still get school-spirited messages across better in video than you can in text. From making your mascot be on full display to publishing witty cartoons that are educational, the sky really is the limit. You may even open up a contest for students to create short videos that can be displayed on the sign, letting them feel like they have an above-average stake in their school.

Cost-Efficient and Better Value

While you may be tempted to make the argument that your current school marquee doesn’t cost anything (especially if it’s analog), we’d like to frame the question differently. What exactly is your current sign costing you, in terms of lost opportunities and how your school is perceived? Are parents switching their children to other schools because of the perception that your school is outdated or old? A school’s sign, much like the front door of a house or a first impression, is literally one of the first things people see. It affects the perception of your school and people’s initial judgment of it. LED is also incredibly energy efficient, so it may actually cost you less in electricity than illuminating your current sign with light bulbs does.

Make the Switch, Upgrade Your School

Now that you’ve seen the benefits and wonders of how an outdoor LED school sign could better your school, we hope that you’ll seriously consider making the switch. You have nothing to lose when you consider upgrading to better equipment. When you’re ready, Signs Plus will be only too happy to figure out the perfect way to let your school’s message shine on.