The holidays are here! Lights are up everywhere bringing cheer as the days get dark earlier. Few things make a positive message brighter than being well-lit. It’s estimated that 71% of people read traditionally printed and digital roadside signs as they pass them. Imagine how you can make your school stand out with bright messages this season.

Electronic signs for your school can give you just the boost you need to get into the spirit of the season. A rugged outdoor LED display is perfect for weathering the elements and making shorter days brighter. Here’s a few ideas that’ll help make your signage stand out this winter season:

  • Winter is Coming:
    Schools are central to local communities. Not only is being clearly visible a positive, neighborly approach to take, people look to the school to display important messages. Winter gets wild sometimes, so safety messages and community alerts are important to display in a bright, central location. These updates are winter safety essentials.

  • Cabin Fever:
    It can be a tough season to remain cooped up indoors for those who aren’t thrilled about snow, cold, and shorter, darker days. Light makes our brains happy (it’s science). You know what else makes us happy? Social activities. In the winter, these can be harder to come by, but LED signs for schools are amazing places to post events in the community. Keep a community agenda/calendar on the school marquee and keep it updated! You can also do a lot with flashy colors and signs on LED signs, so get creative, too.

  • Laughter is the Best Medicine:
    Truthfully, smiles and laughter are amazing things, especially during winter. Grab ahold of that holiday cheer and post something funny. Better yet, have your students post humorous schools musings. Make a list of them and put them up on your school sign! 37% of people look at outdoor ads most of the time while driving by. Those are ads. Not as bright. We’ve had enough of advertisements in December! LED signs for schools take driving by and employ the power of artistic outdoor light. Make messages that will encourage laughter and joy. ‘Tis the season, after all.

It’s little things that brighten up the holidays. These few suggestions are a scratch at the surface of your creative potential. Remember, you have a school full of creative talent and the means to broadcast it to your community. Light up that sign and let winter shine!